cats dsc_9396Today’s Business Look!

This is me going to my office, that is to the little room in the other corner of the house 🙂 I’m running my own business in Singapore, so I’m working from home. For our family, where both my hubby and I like to work, this setup has enabled us both to work and spend lots of time with the kiddos. Sure, I miss going to the office, but at the moment my business is a lot of fun, so it works really well.

I was also lucky to set up my business already a few year ago. At that time it was easy for us “spouses” to set up our own companies in Singapore. Now, the government has made it a lot more tricky. It is still very possible, but a bit more complex :-). If you are moving to Singapore and thinking about your work-options, pop me an email! I’m not an expert, but I might be able to give some ideas.




  1. AyumuSWE 8 April, 2017 Reply

    Im thinking about to look for a job in Singapore. But I have only a degree in horse grooming and working with immigrants. But I know Im willing to learn something new. Send me a email if you want. :)