Glad midsommar!


HAPPY MIDSUMMER! Our little darling last year, cant believe how much she grown!!!



Last year we celebrated like this, it was perfect!


Today is a big day for all Swedes, its midsummer and that’s just one of the days of the year. You are supposed to be in Sweden, on the countryside. Enjoying strawberries, herring and dancing around the midsummer pole. You will learn it all in this video.

This year, we are not celebrating at all, not today at least. Since today is just a regular workday in Singapore we are celebrating tomorrow instead. But then we are all in! With herring, snaps and flowers. I look forward!




Glad midsommar vänner!

Här i Singapore firar vi inte alls idag. Det är jobbdag som vanligt så vi ämde oss för att flytta firandet till imorrn. Men då går vi all in med snaps, sill och jordgubbar. Det enda vi nog inte kommer att få till är en midsommarkrans.

Önskar er en riktigt underbar midsommar!