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    - life in Singapore
    I have been blogging about life in Asia since I moved to China 2009. Since then I moved to Singapore, got married and got two awesome kids. I still blog, and I love it!

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    a passion
    I love taking pictures. Mostly I love taking pictures of love. Of a growing belly, a family, a newborn...

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I love taking pictures, take a look!
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    Perfect Light

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    Singapore Photo

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    Beach Wedding

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I started bogging when I moved to China 2009. About the same time my tech-crazy hubby bought our first "real" camera. A Nikon. Before he knew it the camera was no longer his.

My passion for photography had started, alongside my (very Swedish) blog. My first years behind the camera I needed the hubby for all the technical stuff. I would say "more light" and hand the camera over. I guess he got sick of it after a while, and gave me a photography course. These days the hubby is lucky if he gets to hold the camera at all.

I love taking pictures of love. Little kiddos, a newborn, a couple in love... I very seldom work in a studio (hey, I don't even have one). I prefer daylight and places my clients love.