I’m back!


Hallo! It´s great to see you again! 


The kiddos and I (and the hubby of course) are exited to share our life in Singapore with you again!


So, I decided to go back to blogging.

It feels awesome!

I blogged for years. Then I got my second child, who is of the non-sleeping kind. And I decided to keep working, and didn´t really take any maternity leave (2 weeks doesn´t count). So life got a bit crazy, and the blog had to go for a while. One year later I´m slowly finding my way back to me. And so we meet again.

I changed the blog-address. Now you find me here: Save the address right away!

Om du vill läsa min blogg på svenska gör du det här:

So enough about me, what have you guys been up to the past year?



  1. Anna 8 October, 2016 Reply

    Nice to have you back! Been missing your blogging... But two weeks maternity "leave", seriously!? I'm impressed!

    • 11 October, 2016 Reply

      Not the smartest move I´ve done :-) But I cold work from home, and bring the baby to meetings so it worked out pretty well