Swedish Winter


One might believe that Sweden always snowy during Winter. Well, not in southern part of Sweden where I am from.



It is it is cold though, the kiddos are slowly adapting.


Brrr! Its cold!

Its funny. I spend 26 years in Sweden, but my body seem to have forgotten about the cold. I am just soooo cold. The kiddos are too, but they are much better at adapting then I am. Even though they have lived their whole lives in tropical heat. I am enjoying all cozyness though. The endless cups of tea, candle lights and all warming food. I do love Sweden, even the cold. After all, I am a Swede!


Love Sara

Let i snow

bw-2761 page


But of course! Of course you can find snow in Singapore! The only thing you have to do is go to Tanglin Mall any evening in December at 7.45 pm. And there you got it. It might be a bit more “fluffy” than what we are used to in Sweden. But you can play in it wearing only shorts and you wont be cold. So I call it break even!


Love Sara

Lucia in Singapore



I love Lucia, a Swedish Christmas celebration! And since I got kids I have been waiting for me to see them walking in a “luciatåg”. This year was the year. The kiddos has participated in two Lucia celebrations. And I have loved every second of it! They are super cute, right?



Our bedroom

20161118-dsc_1919 20161118-dsc_1920 page1

Our beedroom. Mostly in white and brown. I like my bedroom to be very peaceful with few things and colors.


20161118-dsc_1932 20161118-dsc_1936 20161118-dsc_1984

Of course the kids took over the photo-session. As they always do 🙂


Glad to hear that you want to see our home :-). We live in a 4 bedroom apartment, with 3 balconies. The apartment is located in the middle of the trees on 6th floor and I just love watching colorful birds flying by in the mornings. We have a lot off stuff from IKEA at our house, after all we are Swedish, but I love mixing it up with local treasures. And after 8 years in Asia our home has def gotten an Asian touch. There are plenty of lovely stores in Singapore, so finding something nice for your home should be easy.

Here are a 3 of my favorite Singapore stores:
Bungalow 55
Tatty Marsh

Love Sara

My home


On my China-cabinet today


People, I never showed you around our apartment. What do you say, are you guys up for it? If you are I will snap some pics and show you around 🙂





Anyone that thinks a picture of a kid is taken i peace and quite, well think again :-). There is always a playful chaos whenever I take a picture. Never a dull second. This is the behind the scene to one of my photo shoots this weekend.




And this is the result. Those eyes!!!


All the


dsc_0486 page


We normally have a er, as you do when you live in Singapore :-). Honestly, having a er is the reason why I can have little kids and still work. It would not be possible without that kind of . And these weeks we are in between and this mama is working hard! 2 kids, 200 sqm, my own business and a travelling husband. Lesson learned, Im a much better mom when I get the space to do a few other things, like working .-)

PS, Im offering great deals on Christmas photo-shoots. Pop me an email for more info,


Love and light



I´m with her.

Thats all I have to say today. I´m with her. (And thank God that I told M to sell off most of our stocks a few months ago… I saw this coming…)


Love and Light (that´s what the world need today)

Thanks darling!



Sometimes I love that my hubby travels all week and leave me home alone with the kiddos. Like when he remembers that I need a new black bag and does some shopping :-). Thanks honey!



Michilin Star in Singapore

dsc_0485 dsc_0511 dsc_0519


One of the Hawker Centers in Singapore got a Michilin Star this year! That is s cool that I had to check it out! I stood in line for almost 3(!) hours. To be honest, I’m not sure if the food was worth it… But the experience in such was. And the food was really nice. If you wanna check it out you can find all details here.


xoxo Sara

Miss Shanghai


If I ever go back to Shanghai I want to do this, walk the lanes of Shanghai.


dsc_3883 dsc_3889

I walked here a lot when Alma was a baby, we left Shanghai when she was 4 months.


Today M is going to Shanghai for work. I’m not :-(. We lived in Shanghai 4 years before we moved to Singapore, and I have never been back. I really want to, one day!


Xoxo Sara

Getting started again



It’s so much fun to be blogging again! But I’ll admit, it’s also scary. When I started blogging in 2009 I just did it, honestly I never thought the blog would get so many readers. This time its different… But over all, fun and exiting!

Now I’m trying to get the blog out there again, any tips of how to do that?


Our hoods

dsc_0644I’m walking this street every morning on the way to Alma’s school. I love the greenery 🙂



I put the kiddos in our stroller, and off we go. From where we live we can walk to most places.




Our hoods are called Tanglin, I love the many old black and white houses. I would have loved to live in a house like this!

Where do you live?


Tiong Bahru Bakery


The coffee in Singapore is found at Tiong Bahru Bakery

dsc_0638 dsc_0639

The area is really nice as well.


I’m so tiered. And I’m so tiered of being tiered. This i really one of the low of having small kids, the non sleeping part. I’m lucky there is coffee! Where do you get your coffee in Singapore? I love Tiong Bahru Bakery but I’m always on the look for someplace new!