Let i snow

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But of course! Of course you can find snow in Singapore! The only thing you have to do is go to Tanglin Mall any evening in December at 7.45 pm. And there you got it. It might be a bit more “fluffy” than what we are used to in Sweden. But you can play in it wearing only shorts and you wont be cold. So I call it break even!


Love Sara

Lucia in Singapore



I love Lucia, a Swedish Christmas celebration! And since I got kids I have been waiting for me to see them walking in a “luciatåg”. This year was the year. The kiddos has participated in two Lucia celebrations. And I have loved every second of it! They are super cute, right?



Feeding at Singapore Zoo

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We have been feeding some of the animals at Singapore Zoo. A really cool thing to do! Singapore Zoo is a great zoo by the way. So if you are up for looking at animals in a tropical setting this is the place to go!


Xoxo Sara

Our bedroom

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Our beedroom. Mostly in white and brown. I like my bedroom to be very peaceful with few things and colors.


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Of course the kids took over the photo-session. As they always do 🙂


Glad to hear that you want to see our home :-). We live in a 4 bedroom apartment, with 3 balconies. The apartment is located in the middle of the trees on 6th floor and I just love watching colorful birds flying by in the mornings. We have a lot off stuff from IKEA at our house, after all we are Swedish, but I love mixing it up with local treasures. And after 8 years in Asia our home has def gotten an Asian touch. There are plenty of lovely stores in Singapore, so finding something nice for your home should be easy.

Here are a 3 of my favorite Singapore stores:
Bungalow 55
Tatty Marsh

Love Sara


cats dsc_9396Today’s Business Look!

This is me going to my office, that is to the little room in the other corner of the house 🙂 I’m running my own business in Singapore, so I’m working from home. For our family, where both my hubby and I like to work, this setup has enabled us both to work and spend lots of time with the kiddos. Sure, I miss going to the office, but at the moment my business is a lot of fun, so it works really well.

I was also lucky to set up my business already a few year ago. At that time it was easy for us “spouses” to set up our own companies in Singapore. Now, the government has made it a lot more tricky. It is still very possible, but a bit more complex :-). If you are moving to Singapore and thinking about your work-options, pop me an email! I’m not an expert, but I might be able to give some ideas.



Michilin Star in Singapore

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One of the Hawker Centers in Singapore got a Michilin Star this year! That is s cool that I had to check it out! I stood in line for almost 3(!) hours. To be honest, I’m not sure if the food was worth it… But the experience in such was. And the food was really nice. If you wanna check it out you can find all details here.


xoxo Sara





The weekend has arrived in Singapore! We are looking at a chill weekend with lots of fun. We are doing a kids birthday party, free concert at Botanical Gardens and a dinner in the city with friends. It’s looking good friends, it’s looking good!





I miss crispy autumn days in Sweden! We went back in October last year, but this year we are staying put in Singapore.



I think Alma misses it too. She went to school dressed in a fleece jacket today. It was 34 degrees.


It took me 3 years, but I’m starting to miss the seasons. Believe me, I love living in the tropics where the sun always shines. But today my heart is longing for crispy cold air, a cup of tea and a cosy blanket.

Singapore is always hot. Always. If you are planning to visit Singapore, you don’t need to bring a warm sweater. Perhaps for the flight, but that’s it.



Ladies night


Ladies night at Pan Pacific


I went out for ladies night last night. Doesn´t happen to often to be honest 🙂 But we had so much fun and ended up on the dancefloor. Ladies night is a great way to explore Singapore’s nightlife, if you are a lady that is. 45 SGD gave us free flow drinks all night long and food. Not too bad!



Swedish in Singapore


My star!


If you have little kids in Singapore and want to expose them to Swedish, I can really recommend the Swedish church. They do kids song every Wednesday, Adam and I are there almost every week. Can highly recommend it to everyone with little kids. But note, it’s all in Swedish 🙂



Our hoods

dsc_0644I’m walking this street every morning on the way to Alma’s school. I love the greenery 🙂



I put the kiddos in our stroller, and off we go. From where we live we can walk to most places.




Our hoods are called Tanglin, I love the many old black and white houses. I would have loved to live in a house like this!

Where do you live?